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New House Farm Orchard

New House Farm Orchard

Next time you drive past New House Farm in Tytherington, take a peek over the hedge and admire the Hen's Turd, the Jackets and Waistcoats, and the Severn Bank...

These, along with the more familiar James Grieve and Perry Pear, are just a few of the fruit trees that feature in a newly-replanted orchard, which is set to make history.

When Farmer Richard Cornock decided the two lonely hundred-year old pear trees that remained in his orchard needed a few new friends, he began a community project that will leave a lasting legacy for 26 local families.

Dairy farmer Richard applied for a grant from the Government's Higher Level Stewardship scheme to cover the cost of the trees, as well as fencing to protect them from curious cows keeping the grass down around them.

New House Farm Orchard

He then invited 26 local families with children to bring along a home-made time capsule and a spade, and each plant their own tree. Varieties of apple, pear, cherry, damson and greengage were allocated by lucky dip, with Hen's Turd as the joker.

The grand planting was held on 28th November 2010, with a hot-dog barbecue to combat the effects of the sub-zero temperatures.

Family man Richard is conscious that while his toddler son Jack will grow up seeing how the food he eats originates on the farm, many other children not so lucky.

Now, thanks to Richard, a new generation of local children will have the chance to pick fruit from trees, as well as from supermarket shelves.

New House Farm Orchard

Richard is also well aware of the environmental benefits of having a traditional orchard on his farm. A hundred years ago, similar orchards would have been a familiar sight in this area, but fruit trees have a finite life, and many have now been lost.

By re-instating the orchard at New House Farm, he has begun to build a habitat for a wide variety of other plants and animals to enjoy.

Richard is mapping the orchard to create a permanent record of which family planted which tree, and hopes to invite them back in the future to track the progress of their trees, and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

A Year on a Dairy Farm - Richard Cornock's photo book

In a beautiful and diverse collection of photographs, A Year on a Dairy Farm captures the day to day workings of a family-run farm. Tree planting, hedge laying, ploughing fields, planting maize, making hay, calving cows, picking fruit: these are all activities which make up the farming year, set against the striking changing landscape of the region.

As well as depicting the various activities which make up farming life, A Year on a Dairy Farm introduces the characters that make it happen, and the animals, farm, domestic and wild, which are the lifeblood of the farm.

Originally intended as a very personal book for immediate family only, A Year on a Dairy Farm is a perfect record of what makes a dairy farm tick at all times of the year and in all weathers.

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If you'd like more information about New House Farm, you can email Richard Cornock at or phone 07790 376910.

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